Goodbye OCBC Plus!

Goodbye OCBC Plus! It has been nice knowing you. *Sniffs*

OCBC Plus! Card
Source: OCBC Bank

NTUC and/or OCBC Plus! cards and accounts are to be phased out from 01 Feb 2023. The discontinuation is due to the end of the NTUC Plus! partnership with OCBC Bank on 31 Jan 2023. OCBC will be migrating affected parties to its bank. Linkpoints will not be lost. Link members can either connect their Link account to the FairPrice app or apply for a physical Link card here. Affected parties should have received more details about the migration.

Early card design

The early card design certainly had a refreshing look as compared to its peers back in those days. Unlike the “NOW” card from some bank *cough* *cough*

Goodbye My Trusty Dell Monitor, 2015-2021

My trusty Dell computer monitor of about 6 years finally failed me. It happened out of the blue one fine Saturday morning when it started to have weird horizontal lines appearing with a bold purple line across. At first, I thought it was some temporary software malfunction which a simple reboot would settle it. After a few restarts and finally testing it on a different laptop, it was enough proof that it has reached its end of life and for an eternal rest.

What are those weird lines !?

It seems like yesterday when I bought it from Best Denki at City Square Mall at a discount to replace my aging Philips 19″ LCD monitor. It’s the first widescreen LED IPS I got. Back then, an IPS LED display is the go to choice and this model is unique in that it has a glossy screen instead of the usual matt found in other brands. And in those days, Dell has the reputation for having the best display in the market. I also like the sleek modern borderless design of the display and its inbuilt speaker (though it is a bit weak). The functionality and looks were so good that a friend of mine got the same model for himself a year later.

Dell S2316H 23″ IPS LED Monitor

If you are interested in knowing the specifications for this monitor, you can check it out from Display Specifications website here. It has moved with me from my old to current residence and accompanied me thru all those nights of internet surfing, gaming and movies. I guess the recent years of WFH (Working from Home) due to the Covid-19 situation has hastened its demise. It is really hard to function efficiently without an external monitor now. I’m currently using the 13″ laptop screen and it caused quite a bit of stress on my eyes and back after prolonged usage at work.

I have shortlisted two replacement options – Dell S2421HN vs Acer K234Y. Both are 23.8″ IPS LED monitors with some slight difference in performance and port options. The price difference between them is about SGD$60 and I have greater faith in Acer being able to deliver earlier. Both are decent monitors and it looks like a close fight after factoring all the pros and cons. Nevertheless, with great sadness, I have to bid the old Dell monitor goodbye. It was one of the best display I had owned and used so far.

Dear Dell monitor, thank you for your services all these years.

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In Memory of my Uncle

He departed about a year ago due to a freak accident at home. We were all devastated by the news, especially my grandmother. It happened suddenly and unexpectedly. It was hard to accept.

Although he seldom appeared or stayed around during family gatherings, he was always available to help out when required. That includes the weekly fetching of my grandmother for her TCM consultations, temple trips and others. He was very filial and helpful and would help family and friends as much as he could. In a way, he resembled my grandfather who would silently, without complaints, help and support the family as able as he could. For me, who does not have a good father to learn from, he served as a role model and a reminder to how I should be a good example to my children in future.

I hope he is at a better place now. Rest in peace.