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Terra Luna Fallout – Retrospect & Takeaway

The Terra Luna fallout needs no introduction, especially since it had became global news and the impact was so great that it was the talk of the town amongst common folks who were totally clueless on cryptocurrencies. That had also painted a big red bullseyes for the regulators.

It also took quite a while for me to get a grip on the situation and understand what happened. A lot of people had been burnt by this fallout and some time is needed to calm down and assess the damage.

Brief Background

Unless you have been living under rock, here is a brief summary of what happened.

TerraUSD (UST) is an algorithmic stablecoin that maintains its 1:1 peg with the US Dollar via software logic instead of being backed by physical assets (unlike USDC). LUNA is the native token of Terra, a blockchain developed by Terraform Labs and is primarily used to operate the collateralizing mechanisms that ensures UST’s peg. USTs are minted by burning LUNA and can be also swapped for LUNA. For example, if the UST values goes above USD$1, the equivalent value of LUNA would be burned, which mints more UST, making it less valuable. If the UST price drops below USD$1, they are swapped for LUNA, which in turn makes UST more valuable.

Early this month, a large amount of UST was dumped, and UST started to de-peg. As it dragged on, with the backdrop of lack of official information, more UST was sold in mass panic. Hence it was not just a case of UST being de-pegged but it also had an effect of crashing the price of LUNA. With both UST and LUNA prices in free-fall, the rest is history.

Biggest run in crypto history.


Needless to say, it triggered a fallout on the broader crypto market as well as getting international headlines. Even Tether (USDT), another stablecoin, but backed by physical assets de-pegged for a brief period of time. A lot of people’s hard earn money went down the sink and talks about suicides were everywhere. I think it was the largest wipe out in the crypto market.

Personal Experience

I had done my research and knew of the risks involving algorithmic stablecoins and how Terra Luna works. I knew that it is a matter of time before a serious de-peg occurs and that the potential of a bank run is always there. Even with their Bitcoin and other reserves, it is in my belief that they are unlikely to survive a full run onslaught.

At that time, before the great crash, 5-8% of my portfolio is in UST and LUNA. I was expecting that I would have enough warning and buffer time to exit if I had to. In the end, I lost almost everything despite knowing what I had gotten into and having an “exit plan”.

Then came the de-peg and crash.

I didn’t expect it to free fall so fast and both at the same rate. The plan was to exit if there was a loss of more than 50% for LUNA. When the price of LUNA was around $30, I was considering selling it all, including UST. Actually, based on the plan, I WAS supposed to sell it all. But I hesitated, thinking that there was a chance that it might recover, despite all signs pointing to further free-fall ahead. It was sunk cost fallacy at work.

When I did finally wake up from my slumber, the price was at $8-9. I sold everything. And later on, out of greed and false hope that I could recoup some of those losses, I stupidly bought some LUNA at around $0.05, and you all knew what happened after that.


It was my first crypto crash. In the last major crash, I was only an observer and I thought I would have learnt from it. I was so wrong. It was very stressful to experience it first hand and for the first time and you really need steady nerves and calm mind to do the right things.

I had a plan, but my discipline to follow through with the plan failed. My emotion is the weakest link. You can make all the plans you want, but when the crunch comes and you could not execute, it is pointless.

Another thing learnt is don’t be greedy. Most of the time when you are too greedy, you lose more.

The fortunate thing is that because I had done my research and knew what risks of I am getting into, UST and LUNA did not constitute a major part of my portfolio, hence losses were limited.

There were two questions that I had been pondering about since I started my crypto journey and perhaps it might be answered this time.

  • Is it better to stake or earn/keep in CEX (Centralized Exchange)?
  • Compensation/Airdrops for staked coins vs coins in CEX?

Staked coins might not be easy to exit as compared to coins store in centralized exchanges. But in the event of compensation, in the case of LUNA, you will be the first to get airdrops but for coins in exchanges, you probably might get nothing at all.

That is why I am pleasantly surprised that Hodlnaut supports the new Terra Network airdrop.

Hodlnaut Supports the New Terra Network (LUNA) Airdrop

To my knowledge, they have been the only one that supports it and throughout this Terra Luna fiasco, they have been very professional and provide clear and timely updates. Major exchanges should be learning from them. Am certainly very impressed and I think they have a bright future ahead.

Moving forward

I still believe that there is future in crypto and it is just the beginning. However, we have to be realistic and looking at the path it took for internet to be part of our day to day life, it will be a rough journey ahead.

The lessons learnt today, I hope, would allow me to avoid making even more costlier mistakes in the future. Life is an on-going learning experience. And always remember, invest what you can afford to lose and always, always remember, there is more to life than dollars and cents.

If you are curious on what caused and how TerraUSD (UST) came to de-peg, you can check out the link below.

Nansen – On Chain Forensics: Demystifying TerraUSD De-peg

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Is this Web 3.0?

I was reading up on Web 3.0 few months ago and the search results were mostly blockchain technologies, decentralization and cryptocurrencies, especially Polkadot, due to its relationship with Web3 Foundation. Hidden beneath this huge pile of digital coins and tokens, there was a brief mention on distributed web via IPFS. That caught my interest. Will it be possible to host my own web server/web site from my own computer at home again?

What is IPFS?

IPFS stands for InterPlanetary File System. ( Don’t ask me why interplanetary, I have no idea. 😀 ) It is a peer-to-peer network protocol used for storing and sharing data in a distributed file system. IPFS uses content addressing to uniquely identify each file, akin to using a hash as an identifier. For every change that the file has, its hash or identifier will also change.

IPFS implementation on how users host and receive content is similar to BitTorrent. Any user in the network can server the file by that content address and other peers can find and request it from any nodes who has it. The difference between IPFS and BitTorrent is that IPFS aims to create a single global network while BitTorrent is more focused on distributing data and files in a decentralized manner. To access an IPFS site, you either have to install an extension or use the Brave browser or view through a public gateway. You can check out the official website of IPFS to find out more.

The alternative to IPFS would be Hypercore Protocol. For this, you will need the Beaker browser to access the sites. I had not read up on this yet so I cannot comment. There used to be Opera Unite if you just want to host a static website from your home computer but it has been discontinued. However, you can try your luck by downloading older versions of the Opera browser as some people have claimed to have gotten it to work.

If you are going to get your hands dirty with IPFS, Unstoppable Domains and Pinata deserves a mention.

What is Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains is a domain service for the decentralized web by building blockchain-based domain names. It is quite similar to the ETH naming services. The idea is similar to owning a domain name for your website, example “”, except in this case, it goes beyond owning a name for your website. You can link it to your crypto wallet addresses, so instead of sending your coins to a hash address, you can send it to your address like “someone.crypto”. The best part is, unlike traditional domain subscription which you have to pay annually, this is a one time payment.

However, it is not so straightforward like signing up and get the unique address you have chosen. You will need a crypto wallet (i.e. metamask) and to mint the address, then update the relation/link to your IPFS and wallet address to the blockchain. Not to worry though, their guide and FAQ are very clear and easy to understand.

Visit Unstoppable Domains for more information.

What is Pinata

Pinata is a pinning service that allows users to host files on the IPFS network. Pinning services have IPFS nodes that are always online so you do not have to worry that there will be scenarios that there are no nodes hosting your data. The more nodes you have, the better it is.

Pinata offers other services too. You can check out Pinata website for more information.

Trying out IPFS

There were a lot of guides and how to articles online, so stepping up IPFS and hosting your site wasn’t as difficult as I thought. I did have to read up a lot on the IPFS, Pinata and Unstoppable domain websites before I had any idea what I am supposed to do. That took the most amount of time actually as compared to setting up the site. I did get into some boo-boos but none are deal breakers. Below is a summary of what I had done.

  1. Build my single page static website (HTML + CSS)
  2. Install IPFS on my computer
  3. Setup the folder and copy the created HTML page
  4. Add HTML page to IPFS (it will take a while to get it up on the node)
  5. Create and setup Pinata account as an alternate node
  6. Out of curiosity, create and setup an Unstoppable Domain account

Unfortunately the domain I bought does not support IPFS website at the moment 😦

You can check out the end result here.

Thoughts on IPFS

It was certainly an eye opening and educational experience setting up my IPFS website and it also gave me a better understanding on what “Web 3.0” really is about, without the hype.

On IPFS, it was not meant for the average joe and more as an enterprise solution to store static assets and/or content to avoid network failures and DDOS attacks. As compared to hosting a normal HTML site on HTTP web servers, doing it on IPFS requires more work and technical knowledge. I had tried Opera Unite to host my own web site few years back and I could tell you that the user experience was much more user friendly than doing it on IPFS. It would certainly be more challenging and tedious to maintain a WordPress like website on IPFS. Not just that, most browsers, with the exception of Brave browser, do not support IPFS protocol out of the box, so your audience would be limited.

Thoughts on Web 3.0

I am of the opinion that Web 3 is too overhyped right now and most people do not have a clear understanding of the technology and its use cases. A lot of people believe that Web 3.0 will replace Web 2.0 and Web 2.0 technologies will be a forgotten past in the next few years. Web 2.0 is not going to be replaced and neither Web 3.0 will dominate Web 2.0 entirely. Both Web 2.0 and 3.0 will complement each other instead of fighting for dominance. Similarly we won’t have full decentralization, there will always be use cases that requires centralization to exists. There has to be a compromise at times.

The strength of Web 3.0 belongs to the backend, on how things operate under the hood, from making content delivery more resilient to providing accountability to transactions and spawning a new financial ecosystem.

Web 2.0 will play a vital role in the adoption of Web 3.0 technologies by providing the UX/UI (interface and user experience) to onboard the masses for adoption. You can have the best blockchain technologies but if you cannot provide usability for the common folks out there, it is pretty useless.

This synergy of Web 2.0 + 3.0 will open another new exciting chapter in the history of humanity. Just look at Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) to get an early feel of it. We are still early though but it will mature and arrive at our door step pretty soon.

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Is Gold a Bad Investment?

Commodities prices tends to go up, especially during war or disaster. Gold is no exception. Gold prices rose in response to the Ukraine War amidst inflation worries. This war is unprecedented in recent history and has far reaching implications for the world and our future. One should not underestimate and label this as just another proxy war between superpowers. Having said that, we hope for peace and recovery for all.

Photo by Mathias P.R. Reding on

Recently, two tweets caught my attention and set me thinking about gold as part of one’s portfolio. Peter Schiff lamented in his tweet that gold was up above $2,050 for the first time and CNBC chose to cover Bitcoin which was trading below $39,000. Meanwhile, James from MoneyZG mentioned in his tweet that gold is a waste of time as a good “hedge” because you need a war for it to go up, and as a result, 1% of your portfolio is up while the rest is down.

So who is right? It depends.

Before we continue, let us understand and accept the assumptions, biases and context for this article. I have purchased both gold and cryptocurrency assets and I am impartial to both. This article was written from the aspect of the common folks (the average joe/jane, not some financial guru/expert or seasoned investor or trader) in Singapore, though some of the content might relate to overseas audiences. The article written here are based on my personal thoughts and opinions, they do not constitute or meant to be used as financial advice.

Where to buy gold in Singapore?

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Let us briefly look at some options to purchase gold in Singapore.

Jewellery / Physical Gold (Retail)
The most accessible option. You can head into any jewellery or pawn shop to buy them but do note that not all jewellery are in the form of pure gold. Jewellery might be more expensive than gold bar or coins due to the additional craftsmanship charges. For pure physical gold, you can walk into a gold retailer to buy gold bars or bullion coins. While you can hold it physically in your hands and admire them, you have to consider where to keep it safely.

Gold Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)
Instead of buying physical gold and have a headache over storage and security concerns, you can invest in gold through an ETF that owns, holds and derives its value from holding physical gold. ETFs, like STI ETF or S&P500, have been providing cost-efficient investment solution for the average person. You can consider SPDR Gold Share ETF that is listed on the SGX. You will need a brokerage and a CDP account as a pre-requisite though.

Gold Savings Account
“Eh? Got this kind of things meh?” Yes, but unlike regular savings account, no interest are given out. It offers an easier way to buy and sell gold without worrying about storage and security issues. UOB provides such services but it comes with extra charges. I would recommend using HugoSave. It is much easier and cheaper to use as compared to UOB. You can check out my experience with HugoSave via the links at the bottom of this article.

Bitcoin? Oh no no no, not this 😀 We are not referring to that digital “gold” but cryptocurrencies pegged to commodities. Similar to stablecoins where 1 coin is peg to 1 US dollar, 1 PAX Gold – PAXG token is backed by one fine troy ounce (t oz) of a 400 oz London Good Delivery gold bar, stored in Brink’s vaults. If you own PAXG, you own the underlying physical gold, held in custody by Paxos Trust Company. So if you are already knee deep in crypto land, this can be another option for you.

But what makes this option interesting is that if you hold it in either or Gemini, you can park it under their Earn feature to earn interest (starting from 0.5% APY at this time of writing). This is something that is not possible for the above options, but it is more risky.

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Why gold?

Gold is a precious metal that has been around for centuries and is universally accepted as an alternative to money. Besides its role as an investment, it is also a raw metal for electronic products such as computer processors. Some people believe it to be a good hedge against inflation. Gold is a tangible asset which you can own physically as compared to stocks, bonds or Bitcoin. It is global accepted and recognized, you can use it anywhere. And it looks really nice and shiny.

Why not gold?

Long term returns tend to be poor, and safely storing physical gold can be difficult. It will not provide a steady source of income like dividend stocks. If you own a gold bar for 30 years, you still own the same gold bar. It might be more “expensive” as compared to 30 years ago but that is because the value of the dollar has gotten smaller. If you own a company stock for 30 years, there is a chance that it will worth X times more. In a way, you are losing out the opportunity to make more money if you bought gold instead of Apple stocks. Contrary to popular beliefs, some people think it is not a good hedge against inflation.


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Let’s have a very simplistic assumption here. Imagine we are in stagflation, war is raging in Europe and there are food supply shortages. No one knows when good days are coming.

Assume that we have Portfolio A which has 5% Gold and Portfolio B which has 5% Bitcoin. None of the portfolios have both Gold and Bitcoin. Both portfolio have equal ratio of Cash, Stocks and Bonds. Here are some questions to ask for each of the scenarios listed below.

Scenario #1 – Something happened and you need a lot of cash urgently

  • Would having gold in Portfolio A give you more options and flexibility in liquidity?
  • Are you fine with selling your stocks or Bitcoin that are in the red, at a loss in Portfolio B?
  • Are you really comfortable in doing the above to get the cash?

Scenario #2 – The stock or cryptocurrency that you have conviction is at a good price

  • Would having gold in Portfolio A give you more options/confidence to buy the dip?
  • Are you fine with selling your stocks (at loss) or using cash in Portfolio B to buy the dip?
  • Are you really comfortable in doing the above, not knowing how long this will go on?

Scenario #3 – Fiat/Cash is basically worthless

  • Would having gold in Portfolio A give you more confidence in making it out alive?
  • Would having Bitcoin in Portfolio B give you more confidence in making it out alive?
  • Would having both Gold and Bitcoin be better in this scenario?
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Yes, or No to Gold? That is the question.

It really depends on what you want, your goals, and your risk appetite. I think the most important thing is to know what you are doing and your expectations. For some people, it is alright not to have gold in their portfolio while others prefer some form of security. There are no right or wrong answers, just what matters for the individual.

To me, the role of gold in my portfolio is not to generate revenue for me but to serve as an insurance, especially in an emergency. I have never expect investing in gold is going to make me rich and I think it is unrealistic to assume that. So far, I have not heard anyone who got rich by from gold investment alone. Instead, those millionaires or billionaires made their riches, then they buy gold as an “investment”. If you think deeper, do you really think that they do it to increase their wealth, or does it not seem like buying insurance instead? Food for though huh.

My opinion on gold is that it is often a better hedge against a crisis than against inflation. History has proven that gold prices tend to rise in times of crisis.

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But is that the only question?

What if, god forbids, war has arrived at our shores or we are at the receiving end of sanctions? In this case, gold is only useful if you have it physically. However, you will have to deal with the issue of carrying it around and safeguarding it. The Ukraine war has shown that cryptocurrencies have a place in our modern world and it is a viable option as a currency/asset. The caveat is that this will work only if cryptocurrencies are decentralized in nature (i.e. Bitcoin). No, your coins and tokens in centralized exchanges don’t count. What matters if you can use them in offline wallets (i.e. Ledger) for day-to-day transactions that can keep your life going.

Many people tend to compare or associate Bitcoin as gold or technology stocks. It is too early to give judgement and very much unfair to limit their potential. Bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrencies are still at their infancies and are trying to figure out where they fit in our world. They have the potential to be an unique asset class, something that we are unable to visualize or understand for now.

At the end of the day, gold and cryptocurrencies are just tools for us to use, you have to decide which works to your best advantage.

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Onwards 2022

Welcome 2022. As the new year begins, it is time to plan and improve upon last year’s experience. No, this is not about making new year resolutions. We all know resolutions don’t work most of the time. Apart from learning from past experiences and making improvements so that we can be better, it is also about exploring new areas and alternatives for the new year, to find new opportunities to grow and excel.

Rebalancing. Last year has been a pretty chaotic with a lot of surprises lurking round the corner. It has been extremely hectic, both at home and work. I’m not the only one who has experienced this. I believe most people do. As the new year starts, it is time to take stock of matters and rebalance our lives. For me, that would be focusing on providing quality time with my family, carving out time for health and exercises and balancing on resources to areas that I have neglected last year.

Knowing what matters. We have many priorities in life, some more important than others, but they do not necessarily have the same weight for everyone. For instance, some people value family more than anything else in the world, some view material wealth above all. No matter what you deem as most important, it is vital to devote and focus on things that matters the most to you. The rest are just noise.

Picking up new skills. Progression is a must, otherwise we will be going the way of the Dodo. We risk being left behind if we stay stagnant and picking up new skills gives you more confidence and open up new doors. This year, I will continue to pick up new skills and improve myself, not necessary at work but also in different areas of my life. There is no limit to improving yourself.

Remembering to live in the now, the present moment. This is self explanatory I hope. The past is gone, you can never get it back again. The future has yet to come. Now is the time when you can write your future. A good example would be when you are with your family, enjoy the present moment with your loved ones. Stop thinking about work and checking your mobile phone for work email. Be in the now with your family. And when it is time to work, focus on your work and not surfing mindlessly on the internet.

Continuing to write. Writing is a hobby that I have always liked. Although I am not good at it, it serves as a way to perhaps release pent up ideas and thoughts. If it is possible, I do hope to pen down my experience so that someone might find it useful for them. I am currently working on a mini project to bring “I am Doufu” to another platform to get a feel into new technologies and/or concepts. Stay tune for updates in this blog and/or my Twitter.

I think that it is a good practice to reflect and set a guide on what you want to explore or achieve in the new year. Not to set a hard target or timeline but something to point you in the right direction. As proven in 2021, things will not always go the way you want but having a plan and direction is still better than floating around aimlessly.

With that let us embark on our adventurous journey towards 2022!

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Year in Review 2021

In a twinkle of an eye, 2021 is ending soon and 2022 is approaching round the corner. A lot of things have happened this year and it made January 2021 seems just like yesterday. People says, “Times flies while you are having fun.”, unfortunately this year does not seems fun at all. Not at all. But let us have faith and conviction that no matter what happens, we can make lemonades out of lemons. And reviewing the year’s events and performance let us learn and do better.

The early part of my 2021 started with venturing out on a new development platform – Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) with a new CRM consultant. An exciting new prospect was an understatement. It has become a challenge, and at times a source of friction, even for the company as a whole. However, it is still a work in progress and I hope that in 2022, we are able to get the resources we badly need and put ourselves (and the company) in a better position to grow from it. To be honest, I am fine with working on Microsoft CRM under certain conditions, but Microsoft Business Central 365 is still the best platform to work with as compared to Microsoft CRM.

Work From Home (WFH) was relaxed in the first half of the year until the COVID-19 Delta variant arrived at our shores. During that time, we moved office from Golden Mile Complex to Golden Mile Tower. It was not a big move, as compared to the move from Mandai Estate, but we missed the toilets at complex, for they are much cleaner. We definitely miss the good memories we had in Golden Mile Complex office and it was more cozy and brighter there.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, Chinese New Year, birthdays and other family gathering and celebrations are more toned down. We still get to celebrate quietly together and we treasure our relationship and family event more. We definitely prefer to have more family gatherings and celebrations as long as it is safe to do so.

The 3Q of 2021 was a period of worries and sadness. My father in law passed away in a traffic accident and we do miss him badly. To me, he was one of the closest person I had as a fatherly role model. After that, our families got quarantined for COVID-19 as some of our family members caught it. As the country starts to open up and ease into an endemic state, more of my friends and colleagues start to get quarantine orders. It was unnerving.

This year has been pretty much stressful and naturally when under stress, health issues arises. There has been a lot of trips to the hospitals and clinics and I really hope these will end. Also, my old injuries on my front teeth has returned to haunt me and I had to see my dentist more frequently than I would have liked.

In 4Q of 2021, a few of my long time colleagues decided to join the “Great Resignation”, and with no replacement in sight and the company expanding to Malaysia, the rest of us have to make do with what we have. Tensions at work has been rising too, especially so from the recent accusation to the management that a senior member of the team has been idling. Nothing could be further from the truth. Everyone knows that the team has been working hard, including the senior members, and especially the manager. The insane number of nights and weekends burnt to deliver our services to the customers that could have been spent with our families and loved ones was discredited and it has upset and demoralize the team. It has certainly been rough for us.

Last but not least, here are the top 5 posts/pages of 2021

  1. Hugo – First Impression
  2. NAV2016 – How to Import Excel Data into NAV
  3. Business Central – How to use PromotedActionCategories
  4. Lenovo ThinkPad X13 AMD

As the end of 2021 draws to a close, let us not kid ourselves that 2022 is going to be a better year. More likely, it is going to be filled with even more uncertainties and disruptions. But let’s be hopeful for the future. Let us pray that we have the strength, resilience, kindness and compassion to meet the challenges ahead. May we all grow stronger and more matured from these ordeals.

“Vivere Militare Est”

Day to Day, Thoughts

What do you want?

Whenever someone complains incessantly, especially if you are the one doing it, ask them or yourself this simple question – “What do you want?“. In most cases, it should shut the other party up (no guarantees), but if you are serving this question to yourself, it is important that you answer it honestly. No beating about the bush, no avoiding it.

Complaining can be viewed as a form of stress relief, a bit and ineffective method. It serves no constructive function and waste energy for everyone. It doesn’t help with the situation because it is all in the mind and there are no actions being taken to resolve it. Asking this question, “What do you want?“, puts a pause on the runaway mental train and kickstarts the mind to view the issue from another angle (hopefully).

If there are no answers, then it is advisable to put it to rest since likely there are no solutions to it. Brooding and overthinking it would just further waste more energy and create more pain. It’s not worth it. On the other hand, if there are answers that came out of this question, then the next question to ask would be “What are you going to do about it?“.

What are you going to do about it?“, prepares the mind to translate this thought to something actionable. Something that one can do to resolve this conflict that is inside the head. Make sure that the actionable items are positive and constructive.

I confess to being a serial complainer and i will do the following once I am aware of my mistakes.

  1. Write down on a piece of paper what i am complaining about
  2. Answer the question “What do you want?’ on the paper
  3. If there are answers for (2), then answer “What are you going to do about it?” on the paper
  4. Translate (3) into actionable items (i.e. adding to calendar/task)
  5. Make sure they are positive and constructive before acting upon it

I prefer to write my thoughts on paper instead of processing it in the mind because it slows down the racing mind. From there, one can calmly view and comprehend what is going on and make a more realistic and practical judgement. At the same time, it keeps the focus on what matters at that moment instead of allowing the “monkey” mind to start going off tangent and overthinking again.

Hope that this article is of help to anyone out there. How do/would you handle this issue? What is your tried and tested method? If you have any better ideas, let me know too.


What Matters

Let us be honest about it and face the brutal truth. You are not going to live forever. We are not going to live forever. Our lifespan is finite, unlike money which is pretty much infinite – or at least until you run out of materials to represent one. Not just that, life is full of uncertainties. We do not know how much time we have. Time is a cruel master. Hence, It is understandable why we as humans, tend to not think about the above as realistic but label them as pessimistic thoughts.

What matters? This could be the most important question that one have to ask everyday. What really matters now? This moment, now. While we are at this topic, let us not get confused over what is urgent and what is important. These are two different matters. What is urgent might not be important, but what is important will have to be addressed at some point in your life.

What matters? Is this action that you will be undertaking matter in the next 10, 15, 20 years? Will it affect you for the entire lifetime? Will what matters change as time grinds down whatever finite amount of time that you have? All these are questions are harsh and best answered with honesty.

Remember to keep reviewing and reflecting on what matters. Choose wisely and make the best out of it.

Day to Day, Thoughts

In Memory of my Uncle

He departed about a year ago due to a freak accident at home. We were all devastated by the news, especially my grandmother. It happened suddenly and unexpectedly. It was hard to accept.

Although he seldom appeared or stayed around during family gatherings, he was always available to help out when required. That includes the weekly fetching of my grandmother for her TCM consultations, temple trips and others. He was very filial and helpful and would help family and friends as much as he could. In a way, he resembled my grandfather who would silently, without complaints, help and support the family as able as he could. For me, who does not have a good father to learn from, he served as a role model and a reminder to how I should be a good example to my children in future.

I hope he is at a better place now. Rest in peace.

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It is not about you

Are there situations when you felt that you were being ignored and your feedbacks or comments were not taken seriously by others? You would probably be feeling like a fool and disappointed, perhaps even feeling angry for being belittled. You might even think to yourself, “How dare they do this to me!”.

That happened a few weeks ago that left me feeling indignant – for a while. It happened during a Microsoft Teams meeting with the management regarding an integration project. There were some issues that needed to be clarified and i was making myself useful by offering suggestions and requesting some clarifications of my own. After some time, it became apparent that i was pretty much talking to myself and the meeting ended with me fuming inside.

It was then that i decided it would be more prudent to chill, calm down and to do constructive self reflection. Reviewing my “performance” in the meeting, i had to grudgingly acknowledged that i was contributing more noise instead. Naturally, the next thought that manifested was what impression i had made and what do they think of me. And that, was the self/ego starting to react.

It is not about me. It is not about you. Everyone is actually busy worrying and leading their own life to care about what they think about others. Occasionally they might but they are mostly fleeting thoughts. Do you constantly think about what the other party have done? You would be more worried about your own life than caring what others did.

At the same time, we need to be mindful that they might be unintentionally doing this as they might be pre-occupied with other matters. Especially when remote meeting are the norm during this COVID pandemic, we might not be able to decipher human interactions as accurate as we would like.

So it is NOT about you. CHILL and RELAX. Focus on what matters and move forwards it. 🙂



Life on the internet, unlike reality, allows one to review on its directions and shortcomings. Then it provides the option for a refresh and a restart towards new direction, or a journey.

It is the same in this instance. This site has undergone countless of the above cycle, trying to find its place or perhaps a meaning in all this techno babbles we see around us. Perhaps it is just trying to find its identity.

Nothing is impermanent in this world. The same will apply to this site too, however, hopefully it can last as long as it can.