Doufu is sharing his carefully curated list of bookmarks for his frequent reading and visits. These bookmarks are not in any particular order of preference. Hope that you would enjoy them too and feel free to share with him any noteworthy sites! Asides from that, he is sharing sign up links/codes to services he thinks are good. Sharing is caring!

Recent Reads

Being Supportive

  • HugoSave helps me convert my spare change to gold!
  • is my favourite now! Sign up and we both get USD$25 $CRO!
  • Gemini is an easy way to trade and earn crypto. Sign up to get $BTC!
  • Stashaway is the first roboadvisor I have used and still to this day!
  • Endowus provides me a hassle free platform for ESG investments!
  • Coinhako helped kick start me on my foray into cryptocurrency!
  • Hodlnaut gives me high interest for crypto Hodl-ing!
  • Moomoo is my go-to trading platform! Join now for free Apple shares!
  • Humble let me buy games and donate to charity at the same time!
  • Unstoppable Domains shortens my wallet and IPFS website addresses!
  • Irene C – Life transformation coach
  • Hey Rockman – Genshin Impact YouTube channel

Last updated on 13 April 2022

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