Growing Old

Growing old is something all of us are going through from the day we were born. At this very moment, we are all growing old. This is an inevitable fact of life. Some people take it in their stride, choosing to treasure every minute of their existence. Others look upon it with dread, opting to ignore and lead their life like an immortal. Such is life.

I was young and foolish once. I believe everyone was. When you were young, the thought of growing old and the limits of human life are the last thing on your mind – for most people. It is until when you reach your 40s, the mid-stage of a typical human lifespan that this reality strikes back hard for those who are aware. Middle age marks a major milestone in one’s life and it is no wonder most people are at their most depressed state during this time. When one is young, one leads life blissfully ignorant about their limited life span and when one is old, they humbly accept that they will soon leave this life. Quite a sobering thought.

I too have grown to sober up slowly and humbled by life.