Coinhako – Minimum Earn Amount

Coinhako doesn’t seems to have a FAQ on the minimum amount of crypto that is needed for their Earn feature. Hence, I have consolidated a list here for easy reference. Hope it helps.

Coinhako Earn Minimum Limit

CryptoMinimum Limit
BTC – Bitcoin0.00175
ETH – Ethereum0.02325
DAI – DAI stablecoin10
AVAX – Avalanche0.5
AXS – Axie Infinity0.1
BNB – Binance Coin0.1
CRV – Curve10
DOGE – Dogecoin100
DOT – Polkadot2.77
GRT – The Graph10
KSM – Kusama0.1
LINK – Chainlink1
SAND – The Sandbox Token1
SOL – Solana0.55
USDC – USD Coin10
USDT – Tether10
XLM – Stellar Lumens100
XTZ – Tezos1
ZIL – Zilliqa1666.67
Updated as on 22 May 2022

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