What will my occupation be if computer science never exists

What if computers never existed? What if the world we know today operates without computers, internet, smartphones and all those technology under IT industry? What will I be working as? What kind of job will I be having now? This is a question that I have thought from time to time and its possibilities. This might also apply if I never had a chance to study computer science.

Librarian / Part Time Writer

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Throughout my schooling days, and even till now, I have always loved reading and writing. Libraries are my favourite haunts until the advent of eBooks. In a world without computer technology, I would probably be camping in libraries still. The rows of bookshelves with all the books, with the quietness of the library is a suitable environment that gives peace and comfort. The different books provides access to different world out there to satisfy this mind of mine. With a flair for administrative tasks and some OCD to engage myself in the classification and arrangement of books and materials, I might probably go be a librarian and do some writing in my spare time. Something to escape life itself perhaps.

Health/Medical Professional

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The next option would be to strive to be in the medical profession. My favourite subjects in my schooling days were the sciences, especially Biology, which I top the class/school from time to time. I would do the extra reading during my free time and I remembered my school’s science HOD would lend me some of his books from time to time to give me more exposure to the different aspect of biological sciences. I did aspire to be a doctor and if somehow I could not make the cut, I would still want to work in the medical profession line. I believe it is a noble job and it helps people. Something to make my life more useful and meaningful. Even if computer science exists, I would still have chosen this path, but alas, fate makes fun of man.


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Monkhood might be an odd one but I think it is something I would go for if I am still single at the mid-stage of my life. I won’t call it a job/occupation but it is something that I have seriously considered at one point or the other.

Goldsmith / Jeweler

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Coming from a family of goldsmith, it is a path that I would prefer not to take, unless I have to, probably to take over the family business if it is still viable. As much as I like the glitter and shiny gold bars, it doesn’t excite me that much and I admit I do not have interest in jewelry making. I had done retail sales in this industry and that is probably where I am headed should I choose this path.

What will you be working as if computers never existed? Feel free to leave your comments!