Business Central – Action buttons not showing up in custom page

Intern was asking around for help on an issue that she was not able to solve, and I gave her some help, since I was the only one who bothered to reply. The action buttons on her custom page were not showing up, even though she had done whatever she was supposed to. Her original codes as shown below with some portions removed for brevity.

page 50210 "Vendor Contract"
    Caption = 'Vendor Contract';
    PageType = Document;
    PromotedActionCategories = 'Release';
    RefreshOnActivate = true;
    SourceTable = "Vendor Contract";

                field("Contract No."; Rec."Contract No.")
                    ApplicationArea = Suite;
                field("Contract Name"; Rec."Contract Name")
                    ApplicationArea = Suite;
                field(Status; Rec.Status)
                    ApplicationArea = Suite;


                Caption = 'Release';
                Image = ReleaseDoc;
                    ApplicationArea = Suite;
                    Caption = 'Re&lease';
                    Image = ReleaseDoc;
                    Promoted = true;
                    ApplicationArea = Suite;
                    Caption = 'Re&open';
                    Enabled = Rec.Status <> Rec.Status::Open;
                    Image = ReOpen;
                    Promoted = true;

Ok, no action buttons on this one

The fix is relatively simple and quite unexpected. Somehow Business Central/NAV detects that if there are no actions tied to the button, it assumes that it is not necessary to display on the page. So, you just have to add some action triggers and it will be resolved.

And we have the buttons back online!

Strange Weather by Joe Hill

A collection of four chilling novels, ingeniously wrought gems of terror from the brilliantly imaginative, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Fireman, Joe Hill

I bought the eBook version from Google Books last year and finally finished it this year. Compared to his previous works, I really like this novel. It has a refreshing sense and it resembles the storytelling style of his father, Stephen King. I am a huge fan of Stephen King and I probably would start to be a fan of Joe Hill too at this rate. It also reminded me of my first Stephen King book, “Four Past Midnight”.

Book Details

TitleStrange Weather
AuthorJoe Hill
GenreHorror, Speculative Fiction
PublisherWilliam Morrow
Publication DateOctober 2017

The book starts off with its first story, “Snapshot”. It’s a disturbing story of a adolescent who finds himself threatened by a mysterious man called “The Phoenician” who possess a Polaroid Instant Camera that can erase memories, one picture at a time. It’s this first story that got me hooked all the way to the last and it is both chilling and touching at the same time.

In “Loaded” , a mall security guard courageously stops a mass shooting and becomes a hero. Or is there more to the story? As his story begins to unravel under the glare of the spotlights, will the truth be out and does it take his sanity with it too?

“Aloft” starts off with a young man taking his first parachute jump and winds up getting stuck on an impossibly solid cloud with things that animate to life by thoughts of his own. Will he manage to free himself from this cloud “prison” or will he be stuck forever? What will he or has he discovered there? That is for you to find out.

“Rain”, an apocalyptic chapter which is really about Strange Weather, a downpour of deadly silver and gold pieces that destroys and shreds everything in its path, causing global chaos. It’s a nice story with a sad ending.

If you are looking for a book to read to pass time or if you like Stephen King’s book, I would highly recommend this to you. This is not a normal novel of short stories, and each of these stories have their own unique twist.

Business Central – How to allow insertion of record but not modification in a list page

An intern had asked the above question and I thought to post the answer here to help out anyone who have the same. Instead of overly complicated methods/solution as her mentors suggested, the answer is very simple. Just two lines of codes.

Code example

There is no need to set Editable flag, just assign the appropriate flags to allow for insert and disallow for modify. That is all you need to do.

InsertAllowed = true;
ModifyAllowed = false;

The screenshots below shows the result of this setting, you are able to insert new records and delete but the edit option is hidden.

Hope that this is useful!

Troubleshooting External Storage Enclosure (UASP)

Few months ago, my trusty external hard disk (in an USB HDD Enclosure) that I had salvaged from my Lenovo ThinkPad X61 failed to work after transferring it from the retired Asus ZenBook to the current ThinkPad X13. Thinking that it probably might have failed due to old age, the enclosure was from 2016 and the hard disk from 2007, it got casted aside for pending e-waste recycling.

The issue was its inability to read and write data properly. While it has no issues getting detected by Windows 10, it would hang once you attempt to open up a file or copy a file to the disk. The same happened across different laptops that I had used. However, something tells me that there was still hope, and I decided to trawl the internet for solutions.

Thankfully, I got my first clue when I read something about Windows 10 switching from “usbstor.sys” (a windows USB mass storage class driver) to “usbuasp.sys” (USB Attached SCSI (UAS) Protocol) and that made me took a look at the event logs. Behold! I do have “UASPStor” errors and that pretty much answered everything. It all boils down to the existing enclosure’s chipset not able to handle UASP protocol properly in the newer Windows 10 versions. I suspect that the Asus Laptop that it was previously on was using an older Windows 10 version and hence there were no issues.

After replacing the enclosure with an UASP compliant one, the hard disk is working beautifully and currently back in action. Am feeling pretty pleased that it didn’t go to the recycling bin and still able to be used. Probably it was also because that was the only surviving part from the ThinkPad X61.

Warship Legend – Main Interface at a Glance (1)

At first glance, the main interface for Warship Legend could be intimidating, especially if you are a newcomer to this game. This post will ease your comprehension on the options available and help you enjoy and understand the game better. The main interface walkthrough will be brief but sufficient enough for a start and it will be broken down into two parts. So, please enjoy Part 1 !

#1 – User Profile Section

This is the location where you can check and setup your user profile, setup game settings and progress. Click on the figurehead to access these options. On the right of the figurehead shows your VIP level (need money to progress), character level and your current fleet power.

#2 – Research Center

The Research Center provides the following options.

  • Education
  • Data Sync
  • Rand Lab
  • Tactics
  • Technology Enhancements

These options allows you to train and improve your fleet/ships for additional bonuses. Data Sync allows you to “boost” your lower level ships of your choice to the maximum possible level that your fleet composition allows.

#3 – Resource Top Bar

This top bar shows the amount of cash and gold you have by default. As you go through the different game section, this will change accordingly to reflect the amount of different resources you currently have. The “plus” sign next to the numbers provides an option to top up these resources using money.

#4 – System Time

I like it that they placed the system time here, so I can keep track of time while in-game.

#5 – Event Section

By default, the available events are “Wonderful Event” and “Time Limited Event”. “Wonderful Event” consists of the option to clock your daily pack and to purchase monthly pass, growth funds, weekly packs and other premium items. “Time Limited Event” consists of the usual weekly rotation of events as well as any special promotions that may occur during the period. From time to time, there may be more event options available during special occasions.

Tip: Accumulate your resources to participate in these events to make your game progression easier, especially if you are a free-to-play player.

#6 – Recycle Center

Recycle Center breaks down your ships into parts for other purposes. It is recommended that you break down 3 star or lower ships.

#7 – Retrofit Factory

The Retrofit Factory caters for the following conversions for all ships.

  • Conversion of 5 star ships
  • Conversion of 6 star ships

Any conversion beyond 6 stars will be done under the retrofit section for the individual ships. These ships requires a minimum of level 120 to perform the retrofits.

#8 – Arsenal

Arsenal is where you improve your ships equipment (missile, armor, C4ISR, Engine, helo, jets), to up-level them as long as you have the required resources to do so.

#9 – Special Events Area

This empty plot of land will be setup during special occasions and events. So stay tuned!

#10 – Battle Pass/Depot/Guide

This section provides access to Battle Pass options, Depot and an in-game guide.

#11 – Chat Window

This area provides in-game chat functions to communicate with other players.

#12 – Intelligence Directorate

Opens when a new ship is launched or for special events.

#14 – Super Tag Battle

Team based match up. Group yourselves in team of 3s and battle it out for rewards!

#15 – Ship Formation

This is the area to setup your default ship formation in attack and defense mode. Remember to setup for both and not just one of them. When I first started, I thought just setting up one will apply to both modes. The warship on the main interface will change accordingly based on your most powerful aircraft carrier that you have in your fleet. For example, if my most power aircraft carrier is the Mistral at 4 star, the Mistral will be shown. At a later stage when I have a 5 star Gerald R Ford, it will be replaced by the Ford.

#16 – Main Game Actions

This section has a few parts to it.

Mission – Clock daily mission to earn rewards.
Purchase – Buy cards to get random ships (Normal and Premium)
Fleet – Manage your ships here
Warehouse – Inventory of items, ship fragments and other stuff
PvP – Like the title says, Player vs Player events
Market – Use some of your resources to buy other resources
Battle – This is the idle gaming aspect

That’s all for Part 1. Stay tune for Part 2 !