Lenovo ThinkPad X13 AMD

ThinkPad X13 AMD Box

The Lenovo ThinkPad X13 AMD is a compact, lightweight and powerful laptop using AMD’s Ryzen Pro CPU and i bought it early this year to replace my 3 year old refurbished Asus ZenBook UX331 series. That old laptop is started to give me BSOD randomly and it is quite annoying at a time when WFH (Working From Home) is the norm.

The ThinkPad series is Lenovo’s business laptop family and you can’t missed it with its signature professional looking magnesium-aluminum chassis and black finish. It follows the tradition of being ultra durable and yet light weight enough for a life of travel.

When we talk about ThinkPad, we have to mention their keyboards. I am totally in love with their keyboards. They are renowned for the quality of their keyboards and they never disappoint. It is comfortable, accurate and you can type on it all day and not get tired of it. From my first laptop, which is an IBM ThinkPad R40 and later on a Lenovo ThinkPad X61, it still feels excellent to type on and that iconic TrackPoint in the middle of the keyboard is a joy to use. Love that little red nub but the original in the R40 was still the best. One thing to note though is that they reverse the position of its Fn and Ctrl keys, but you can fixed it by visiting the BIOS, or get used to it.

The bezel is still a tad thick as compared to modern design but that is fine with me. The top fits a webcam (720p) with a ThinkShutter privacy guard. I like having a manual privacy shutter on the laptop and that scores a point from me.

They have a good port selection though it is missing a Thunderbolt 3 connector. If you need one of those, you will have to get the Intel version. I don’t need a Thunderbolt connection and i really want to try an AMD powered laptop hence i chose this version. Another plus point is that when other manufacturers pump in more crapware into their laptops, even for their premium lineups, ThinkPad has none of those. That is something i believe everyone loves and should be a standard.

I have tried many laptops in my lifetime and the ThinkPad series still have a place in my heart. That is why i decided to go back to it. You just can’t go wrong with it. In case you are wondering why did i choose other brands before this laptop, that was because i was at a transition stage from using a PC to a laptop and yet wanted some gaming capabilities. Although the ThinkPad is powerful, it still does not have enough GPU power to win discrete graphics. However, with new CPU designs coming up, that might change.

ThinkPad X13 AMD Outboxed

Business Central – Masking password or any data fields on a page

The consultants in the company were asking around if it was possible to mask a data field on a page, similar to the password field in a login page. They were thinking it was not possible as they had never seen any implementation in their existing NAV/BC projects. And that was the cue for me to show off.

I have seen it done before in my research some time ago and it was unsurprisingly simple. It was just one line of code.

ExtendedDatatype = Masked;

How it is being used is as shown below.

        field(50; "Password"; Text[50])
            Caption = 'Password';
            ExtendedDatatype = Masked;

The ExtendedDatatype property allows you to control the behaviour of controls on a page. For example, to display a field as a dots (for passwords), or as an email or URL or phone number. You can refer to this microsoft documentation for more information.

The end result is as shown below.